KICHGO - 7 Day Wellness

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What is the KICHGO 7 day challenge?  

Celebrity trainer, and creator of KICHGO, Kit Rich, has teamed up with holistic nutritionist Anna Frumkin to offer a free 7 day healthy challenge to kickstart 2019!  

  When you sign up for the FREE KICHGO 7 day challenge you will receive:  

  • 3 day comprehensive eating plan/menu/recipes and shopping list from holistic nutritionist Anna Frumkin ( 
  • Daily encouraging and educational emails from both Anna and Kit about fitness, nutrition and personal growth 
  • Join Kit Rich for two LIVE 30 minute KICHGO workouts 
  •  Receive one brand new bodyweight KICHGO routine


  Ready to start 2019 off right? Join Kit and Anna and sign up today!  

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Any questions regarding the 7 day challenge please email